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Barangay Inday + VENN celebrates Inday’s birthday

Yup I’m one lucky person blessed to be surrounded by all of these caring and cool peeps– Barangay Inday friends + VENN family and work partners + family and some of my friends celebrated my birthday today. Marge did a pinoy-themed birthday with fishball street vendors outside the cafe. I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time, thank you all!

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Just can’t get enough

It somehow became a rule now that any friend who visits Venn Cyberlink to see me has to take a webcam pic. Today the Barangay gang has a planned dinner, and they dropped by here to pic me up .. and POSE. Hurrrryyyy we need to leave soooon. Here’s Barangay Inday’s Zar, Chuyski, Ybette and me:

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