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A Webby Nominee in the 22nd Webby Awards

Best news ever. Woke up to a bright and sunny San Diego (I was officially on vacation visiting my mom in San Diego for Easter holidays) and opened my work iPhone to check for work e-mails (yes I am that dedicated) and one e-mail stood out–

Congratulations! You are officially a Webby Nominee.

I am flabbergasted as I was about to open the email, a hundred thoughts ran through my mind — is this real? Am I dreaming, am I misreading the subject or is it really it? Continue reading A Webby Nominee in the 22nd Webby Awards

Featured in The LaSallian

Grateful to be featured in The LaSallian, a newspaper publication from my alma mater, De La Salle University-Manila, but please my graduation year is much later (not 1996 as the article states) :D.  I’m also puzzled why I am featured beside such prestigious rich persons while I’m just a regular salaried employee (who’s sometimes very awesome)…

Continue reading Featured in The LaSallian