Unhelpful LG and Mac

So if any of you somehow ended up buying an LG 25″ Ultrawide monitor and want to use it with a Macbook or a Mac Mini, you’re in for an unhelpful surprise.

Firstly no one in this day and age would ever imagine that an operating system as advanced as OS X will NOT have built in drivers for monitors having 2560×1080 resolutions (without the need of such monitors having a physical DisplayPort input). Kudos to Windows 7 and Windows 10 for being ‘intelligent’ enough, the Windows OS have detected the correct resolution and have displayed everything correctly without any driver need.

Anyhow neither my MacBook Air nor my Mac Mini could get the LG 25″ Ultrawide Monitor to display its native 2560×1080 resolution. Why LG never created a driver for it on Mac and why Mac OS X cannot detect its native resolution are unknown to me.

After searching online for hours, this setup made it work seamlessly:

  1. I luckily have a spare Display Port to HDMI cable (all those years of collecting electronic junk has paid off)
  2. Download Switch Res X (and later, you should buy it, it is worth every euro of its affordable 14 Euro price)
  3. Third, follow instructions on Wasin’s blog on creating a custom resolution for your LG Ultrawide Monitor  (thank you Wasin whoever you are, your 53Hz settings worked like a charm!)

The before and after:

All stretched — the LG 25″ Ultrawide before applying Switch Res X
The LG 25″ Ultrawide after applying Switch Res X