I’m on iTunes / Apple Music (not that it matters!)

Finally – my song’s released on Apple iTunes & Apple Music! Una Guitarra is a guitar instrumental I’ve composed and released to family and a few friends way back in 2009.  I’ve kind of forgotten about it until I recently decided to just put it up on iTunes.

… why not? I’m not an artist at all but I thought this was sort of a good one (that I probably won’t replicate in a long while unless I get a another wave of musical brilliance), and perhaps some people might like it. Hopefully you will too.

If you have spare $0.99 cents please try my guitar solo single.

If you are in need of a melancholy guitar music soundtrack for your film or tv series you might wanna check it out.

Una Guitarra – Single is a guitar solo composition that’s good for a soundtrack, or if you need any melancholic background music to accompany your dramas in life haha.

PS. iTunes will prompt you with their annoying Apple Music ad. You don’t have to subscribe  to it if you’re going for the $0.99 option. Click “Not now”, and then it will show the single page purchase.

PSPS. It should also be released on Google Music and Spotify at some point later, plus others like Pandora, iHeart, Shazam, and YouTube music.